Advanced Guild Statistics

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Advanced Guild Statistics combines all necessary utilities a raid leader or loot council needs to make roster or loot decisions.

Minimalistically pre-processed data helps guilds to min-max raid performance.

Guests require no password


For a testrun, just select any guild from the login menu and login without a password!

21/6/16 news:
- updated Tomb of Sargeras kill endpoints & legendaries to 970
CONCERNING TICKETS: if you want me to change something and wish contact, you need to write a seperate mail to - I cannot answer to tickets directly!
04/6/16 news:
- IMPORTANT: the Blizzard API is very unreliable during the last week - if you cannot update or import, it's due to the API not working!

Features new version former version other pages/spreadsheets
direct Armory Import based on Guild rank yes yes no
4 supported regions (US, EU, TW, KR) yes partially partially
incredibly easy update function yes partially partially
Admin and Guest mode yes yes no
Bench system yes no no
Role system yes no partially
individual character inspection (Equip, Dungeons, Raids and much more) yes partially partially
in-depth tracking of Artifact Power, M+, etc yes partially partially
Legendary tracking yes no partially
includes Warcraftlog parses if existing yes no no
includes SimulationCraft string generation with many options yes no no
compare up to 4 characters yes no no
unifying internal metric "Effort Quota" yes no no
visually night compatible yes yes no
open source yes yes partially