World of Warcraft: Legion
Advanced Guild Statistics

Advanced Guild Statistics

combines all necessary utilities a raid leader or loot council needs to make roster or loot decisions.
Minimalistically pre-processed data helps guilds to min-max raid performance.

January 10th:
please note - development on this page is currently discontinued for several reasons with missing time being the most mentionable. The page will - besides not including Antorus - stay functional as it is currently.
Other reasons include Blizzard not providing an up-to-date API (still no Netherlight Crucible access for example, no way to query Cathedral of Eternal Night consistently, etc. - this is consistent across all games, there still doesn't exist an official Overwatch API for example).

There will however most likely be a entirely reworked version for Battle for Azeroth.
24th July:
- re-release - thanks to all CompetitiveWoW volunteers and your feedback!



You can guest-login on every guild by not using a password!
Inactive (10 days or longer no admin login) guilds will be automatically removed.

direct Armory import based on Guild rank
4 supported regions (US, EU, TW, KR)
incredibly easy update function
Admin and Guest mode
two supported Rosters & Bench
individual character inspection
Raid Manager
in-depth tracking of Artifact Power, M+, dungeons, etc.
includes Warcraftlog parses if existing
(somewhat) mobile-friendly
WoWToken.info implementation
raidbots.com hotlinking
raider.io hotlinking & Mythic+ Score
unifying internal metric "Effort Quota"
visually night compatible

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